The Onduline Roof Is Durable, Heat-Resistant, And Also Lightweight

Onduline roofs are produced using the main material in the form of cellulose fibers obtained from various sources such as recycled paper and pulpwood. In addition, there are also other materials such as resins, mineral additives, and asphalt so that onduline roofs have excellent resistance. Meanwhile, if your current roof is damaged and you want to repair it soon, you can call the Commercial Roofing and Repair company near your area.

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The presence of cellulose fiber material in onduline roofs makes it more durable and durable because this material is also used in concrete and cement. If installed properly, onduline roofs have water resistance so they can be free from damage such as corrosion.

The durability of this onduline roof is proven by its use for 50 years in European countries and is resistant to use for about 30 years in housing located in tropical countries, even in high-temperature environments reaching 70 ° C.

Sold in sheet form, the onduline roof is very light, which is about three kilograms per square meter. Thus, onduline roofs are very flexible to be installed on various types of frames including wood or mild steel materials. Despite its lightweight, onduline roofs can withstand loads of up to 960 kilograms per square meter. However, the process of installing the online roof must be done by an expert so that it is not prone to damage.