4 Easy Steps To Store Goods At Home With Limited Land

Everyone wants a neat house. And it turns out, the neatness of a house does not depend on the extent or narrowness of land owned. Many people tend to pile up their belongings for a long time, and even forget the existence of these items. Moreover, enjoying collections such as music CDs, books, beautiful souvenirs, rare devices. Because if it is stored in a cupboard or go to my blog, this collection will only become a forgotten item.

There must be a change of mindset so that all items owned are stored more smartly so that storage is carried out while allowing the owner to enjoy and function for the aesthetics of the house.

The principle that must be fulfilled in storing goods is safe goods (not threatened with damage from any disturbance), items are easy to find when they are going to be used, and besides being stored, each item is also displayed so that it can be enjoyed and function as decoration.

How can this be realized? This is the way and the steps!

First, the identification of goods.
Sort items owned by categorizing according to the level of importance, how often they are used, and by size. After that, group items that you want to keep and don’t use anymore. For items that still want to be stored, subdivided into items that are often used, and that are rarely used. Separate large items from small trinkets.

Second, determine the storage location.
Keep your daily needs in a place that is easily seen. Items that are often used for daily needs should be stored in a place that is easily accessible and seen, or a transparent item storage area.

Third, take advantage of the wall area.
The wall is a space that is often unthinkable to be used as a storage area solution. Install shelves on the wall as one solution to turn an empty wall into an effective storage area. Wall shelves can also be a stylish home decor at the same time without having to spend space to move.

Fourth, care by all family members.
After everything is done, keeping everything arranged in a corridor of neatness and aesthetics is the responsibility of all family members. Therefore, all structuring processes starting from sorting goods should be done with all family members. For fun, make this activity an exciting weekend activity. Start small, and do it little by little, gradually starting from one room to the next.

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