Magnetic Wave And Extreme Temperature Can Damage PC Monitor

Items that have magnetic waves such as mobile phones and speakers should be kept away from laptop/computer monitors. This is because magnetic waves on these objects can interfere with the display on the monitor screen. Not only that, but magnetic waves can also disrupt the electrical current in your computer so that it can damage the monitor quickly. If it happens, you must bring your monitor to Computer Repair Las Vegas.

Then, extreme temperatures such as too hot and too cold can cause your monitor screen to damage quickly. These temperatures can be caused by objects around the monitor, environments with extreme temperatures such as polar regions, and poor air circulation on the monitor. For air circulation on the monitor, especially computer monitors, do not cover the circulation of your computer monitor and provide a suitable place so that the air is not too hot.

Finally, use a screen protector for your PC monitor. With a screen protector, you can keep the top layer of your monitor from scratches or dust that can stick. So that the screen of your laptop/computer looks clean from scratches and dust. The price for a screen protector is also quite affordable and can be bought at the nearest computer shops.

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