The 4th Season Of “Rick and Morty” Has A Lot Of Questions

The fourth season of Rick and Morty has just been running for two weeks and has already released 3 episodes. The fourth season was opened by the words Morty stated that he wants a classic adventure with his grandpa. This is a hard tip to viewers that Rick is not someone who should be emulated. Apart from that, you can watch this animated series on letmewatchthis.

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Rick is always depressed, even outside his self-destructive behavior by getting drunk, he can’t handle it well. He almost killed himself after breaking up with himself in the episode “Auto Erotic Assimilation”. two seasons that are quite emotional. The last scene remains the saddest, but the end of “The Old Man and the Seat” even more reveals how Rick hates himself and his life.

Nobody can adjust to someone who uses their secret toilet as Rick did. He was so overwhelmed by the desire for revenge that he changed his whole life. He kidnaps 470,000 children flying and change the results of the robot/dinosaur war only to find Tony. In a very short time, he can place an impenetrable barrier around the planet. However, the point is not to maintain the confidentiality of his toilet lab but to give himself purpose, no matter how meaningless it is.

Tony, who was widening because of the death of his wife, seemed to understand how Rick felt. He uses his wife’s death as an excuse to surrender, something Tony recognized after Rick challenged him. That enlightenment is how Tony knew Rick suffered from the same emotional paralysis. “You need the same things I need, Rick,” Tony said, “you need someone to give you permission to live.” With Rick and Morty’s classic style, the most accurate insight about Rick Sanchez came from aliens going to the bathroom.

We still don’t know exactly what happened to Rick’s wife. Information in the first three seasons did not answer much, many of the scenarios were unclear fake memories. What was clear was that something bad had happened to Rick, something he could not stop or change. The incident kept him away from his daughter for years, and it made him bitter and cruel.