Some Tips For Choosing Bathroom Doors

The choice of bathroom door is arguably the thing that needs special treatment. The narrow size and damp conditions make the selection of shower doors a bit challenging. In order not to choose the wrong, there are several things that should be considered.

Is choosing the bathroom door so important? Of course. You certainly don’t want it if the door to this room breaks easily and also has an ugly appearance?

Starting from the function to the aesthetics you should consider. That is why, before choosing the right bathroom door first consider some tips for choosing a bathroom door below.

# 1 Choosing the right material
Wooden doors are a popular choice for homes, both interior, and exterior. Unfortunately, this type of door is not very suitable to say installed as a bathroom door.

Wooden doors can expand and bend over time due to the high humidity of the bathroom. Better to choose a material made of metal or fiberglass to ward off the problem.

# 2 Consider the right direction of the door
You need to choose the right direction to close the door because many bathrooms do not have enough space between the toilet and the door closing direction. This affects the installation of sills, hinges, to door handles. Do not let the door closes cover the position of the cabinet and other objects in the bathroom.

The installation of bathroom doors also should not cover mirrors or windows. Choose a design that can be opened by sliding.

# 3 Comparing bathroom door design options
Whatever type of door material is chosen, you will find a variety of choices ranging from smooth to paneled. Six-panel doors are very common, but on the other hand, there are dozens of door designs available to choose from. If you choose steel or fiberglass materials, for example, embossed design options to mimic doors are some interesting options.