Why Increasing Age Can Affect Women’s Fertility

As we get older, physical changes cannot be avoided. Physiological changes that are affected by this age also affect the fertility of women. Why is that? Age is one of the main factors that determine a woman’s fertility. This is because along with increasing age, the number and quality of eggs are also affected. Generally, a woman is born with an egg that she will have during her lifetime. If you get older, of course, the eggs also grow old and the amount will decrease along with the quality. By visiting gynecologist in Chattanooga tn, you can get more information about it obgyncentreofexcellence.com/.

This decrease will continue to occur naturally from the time you are born until you reach menopause. In fact, the quality and number of your eggs will decrease faster in their mid-30s. Therefore, age is one of the most important factors regarding female fertility. Lifestyle and health are no less important, but they are not so much influential than the effects of your age. However, there are still many women out there who don’t know that fact. According to a study from JBRA Assisted Reproduction, more women are aware of the effects of aging during pregnancy than an age-related decline fertility. Therefore, certain education is needed so that women understand more about their own fertility.

Besides age, of course, there are other factors that can reduce a woman’s fertility. Whether it’s a lifestyle or certain health problems can also impact your chances of getting pregnant. Here it is some other factors that can reduce the chances of a woman to successfully become pregnant.

Having a family member, mother or sister, who experiences menopause more quickly.
Has been a heavy smoker.
I have had ovarian surgery.
Exposed by radiation from chemotherapy to treat cancer.
Menstruation is often late.
Exposed to dangerous chemical compounds, such as pesticides.

The effect of age on a woman’s fertility cannot be prevented or slowed. However, changing your diet to be healthier, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep can at least make the body healthier. This is because smoking, stress, and unhealthy eating patterns can accelerate menopause. However, it needs to be reminded that improving overall health will not prevent the effects of aging on women’s fertility.