Your car is damaged in the middle of the road? Try to differentiate towing and towing cars as a solution

When a car is caught in a flood, should you contact the towing or towing service providers? The answer is to contact the towing service provider. Although similar, tow trucks and towing has a rather different type of service. For car owners, it is necessary to know the main differences between these two services so that they are not mistaken when they need it in an emergency. Tow trucks usually use truck type vehicles. In the truck, there is usually a tool that works to tow the car. Cars that are towed will be lifted by the front wheels or the rear wheels. This is useful for towing a car that has an active hand brake function. Usually, tow truck service Columbus service is used to tow cars that violate parking rules or are used to tow cars of accident victims.

While towing, the car that will be transported is raised onto the truck, the towing car itself is divided into two types namely towing and hydraulic towing. In the towing, the car will be transported as usual in the back. Whereas in hydraulic type towing cars, the principle is the same as towing carrying. The difference is in how to transport the car. The transport tub will be lowered to the lowest part, then the car is raised right above the body. The car will then be lifted automatically by utilizing hydraulics. Typically, hydraulic towing is used to transport premium cars that have low ground clearance so that the bottom of the car is not rubbed against the surface of the conveyance. For those who need car towing services, now some car manufacturers also provide this service to help consumers who are trapped by flooding.

For some reason, how to tow a car is usually used to carry vehicles that have been severely damaged, for example, due to an accident. The crane is more towards the car being destroyed by a collision because it is difficult to move and cannot be raised. Better towing because the car is in a normal position and not forced to run in a dead state.

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